2019 Summer Heartbeats & Hoofbeats Retreat

Heartbeats and Hoofbeats
Re-ignite Your Sparkle & Shine!

Join me, your host, Diane Baker, in a heartfelt retreat where you can practise Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wellness in the peaceful setting of Wildhorse Ranch. Delight in the journey and be inspired by Diane, the horses and the land.

Enjoy the encouragement and support of fun, like-minded women who are also seeking to realize their dreams and revitalize their life.

Hoofbeats and Heartbeats will incorporate a sampling of our signature programs.

  1. Wildhorse Wisdom© – participants gain a new sense of freedom, learn new skills, experience unique accomplishments and create emotional connections with horses and people. Horses raise our energy level allowing us to “see new possibilities” to reinvent our life – giving us the courage and opportunity to turn the page and start a new chapter! Take part in meditations on the ground and in the saddle with the horses, spend quiet time with the herd learning the language of horses which helps to enhance and strengthen our energy fields = better health mentally and physically. Ride into the Dragon forest watching for the magic.
  2. Wild Land Wisdom© – experience Earthing and Forest Bathing which give a reset to our natural electromagnetic fields and center the body. Forest bathing has been scientifically shown to increase immunity, decrease the risk of cancer and help you to recover from illness faster Walk with me in the Enchanted Forest and be washed and refreshed by the energy of the land. Stand on the shore of our “wild” Thunder Lake and let your senses be reawakened by the 4 Elements. Put your hands and feet in the dirt and let the earth ions recharge your body (Earthing). Everyday items that emit a positive charge include cell phones, televisions, pollution, and Wifi. High concentrations of positive ions are actually detrimental to your health. Negatively charged particles abound on the earth’s surface, and you can get negative electrons by planting your feet on the earth. Essentially, negative ions are antioxidants. They allow your body to achieve equilibrium or homeostasis at a cellular level. Eat pure food from the Wildhorse Gardens. Studies have shown that eating food grown locally is fresher, higher in vitamins and minerals and matches your body’s nutrient requirements.
  3. Energy Alchemy – learning how to change your vibration from the inside out. This is done in partnership with the horses and then in solitude with yourself. Free up space within your body to let your cells heal and regenerate. Just Be! Take time to do Nothing! Lots of time focused on YOU! Let us look after you, giving you a chance to replenish you.. AND SO MUCH MORE…

Includes: excellent programs and facilitation, home cooked meals, shared or private accommodations
Call or email for a registration package. 1-403-729-2910 / Email Us

Home Cooked Food

  • Locally sourced, prepared on site, enjoy meals made just for YOU!
  • 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners
  • Snacks in the afternoon plus tea, coffee, juice, water

Wellness Component

  • Meditation in the Spirit Dancer Healing Lodge
  • Wagon Ride to the Magic Pond – Weaving in the Mystery of the Unknown
  • I See You – Tell Your Story
  • Campfires & Conversations

Package Details

  • All-inclusive Package
  • August 5 – 9, 2019 (5 days, 4 nights)
  • Double Occupancy in a Rustic Pine Cabin
  • * Surcharge for single occupancy. Please inquire.
  • Payment by Visa/Castercard (we have a 5%  convenience fee  for using the plastic)
    or e-money transfer
  • Airport Transfer Available: $175.00 + GST/person/trip
  • 25% deposit due upon registration, balance due 3 weeks prior to retreat
  • Payment plan available
  • Registration package will be sent upon confirmation of booking.
  • Note: All programs are optional and you can watch or participate accordingly

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Phone us at 1-403-729-2910, text us at 1-403-990-5576 or email us using our Contact Page for more information or to book now.

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Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters are 45 minutes west of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We are close to the town of Rocky Mountain House.

Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters is located in Central Alberta two hours North West of the Calgary International Airport or two hours South West of the Edmonton International Airport.

Please visit our Important Forms page to download our Medical Form as well as our Waiver. Please also visit our Policy page to see our Policies regarding payment, booking withdrawals, cancellations as well as other information.

  • August 5 – August 9

$1100 + GST/person CAD

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