2019 Young Riders Horse Camp

Wildhorse Ranch is inviting young girls (and their moms if they would like to come) to attend our Summer Horse Riding Adventure Camp.

The girls gain confidence, focus, decision making and life skills through our horsemanship and land based learning camp!

We provide Basic Practical Horsemanship, riding lessons, trail rides in the forests (if the child has developed enough skill) play games on horseback and lots of educational and fun activities on the ground. We believe that setting the correct foundation makes great riders, thus we do “ground work” with the horses before we ride in the saddle. The children also learn Safety around horses, proper handling, care and feeding and what it costs to own a horse!

The children will be divided into groups according to their skill level and they will learn and practise new skills every day. None of our camps involve much speed – we prefer the girls to learn about:

  • connection, communication, compromise
  • build personal confidence and resiliency
  • develop a strong core with a balanced/centered seat in the saddle

The second part of camp is the “Play Outside” aspect. Fun and Play is very important as children have the freedom to use their imagination and make up stories and games to match. If this play occurs in a natural outdoor setting amongst trees and plants and freedom for children to engage in activities of their own choosing there positive impacts on health, behaviour and social development. Our Old West Fort is the perfect Play Destination!

According to recent research from “UBC and the Child & Family Research Institute at BC Children’s Hospital shows that outdoor play is not only good for children’s health but also encourages creativity, social skills and resilience. The findings, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, found that children who participated in physical activity such as climbing and jumping, rough and tumble play and exploring alone, displayed greater physical and social health.”

NOTE: the children are always supervised here!

We provide well-trained, safe horses, great meals, accommodations in pine cabins and Lots of Fun!

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Phone us at 1-403-729-2910, text us at 1-403-990-5576 or email us at wildhorsecamp77@gmail.com for more information or to book now.

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Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters are 45 minutes west of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We are close to the town of Rocky Mountain House.

Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters is located in Central Alberta two hours North West of the Calgary International Airport or two hours South West of the Edmonton International Airport.

Please visit our Important Forms page to download our Medical Form as well as our Waiver. Please also visit our Policy page to see our Policies regarding payment, booking withdrawals, cancellations as well as other information.

Ages 8+


August 5 – August 9


No horse experience necessary.
Suitable for beginners and up.

$850.00 + GST / person / week

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