2020 Girls Ride the Rocky Mountains Horsecamp

Mom’s Welcome
to Join Us for the Weekend!

Girls Ride the Rocky Mountain Summer Horseback riding camp with Wildhorse Ranch. Stay overnight in pine cabins, go horseback riding on well trained, safe, mountain horses and make memories to last a lifetime! Immerse yourself in western culture and take part in a unique stay where they ride out from base camp every day and see new views and vistas to make your heart sing.

Wilderness riding is a step outside “the ordinary”, there is a feeling in the air that heightens one’s awareness to life and adventure. Your senses are challenged to pay attention, to see, to smell, to feel and experience a different type of life! Be inspired and transformed by the power of the mountains. Watch for the Wild horses that travel the same trails that we ride on. Learn life skills and lessons from hands on experiences that build strength, confidence and resiliency. There is a chance for wildlife viewing along the way; there might be deer, moose, eagles and perhaps a Sasquatch! The skilled trail guides of Wildhorse Ranch will also instruct the guests in wilderness skills and wildland survival.

Wildhorse staff use the cook house to prepare excellent meals: breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks. The equestrian facilities include big corrals for the horses, a tack shed, a fresh water spring where they water the horses and individual saddling stalls. There is a wellness component incorporated into all programs. To paraphrase Angela Hanscom, a pediatric occupational therapist who writes about the links between times spent in nature and child development: “We step outdoors and into nature to get fresh air–to feel alive again, to feel the wind gently ruffle our hair, while we soak in the warmth of the hot sun. We need nature because our sensory development depends on it! The more time children spend playing outdoors, the stronger their sensory system will be. Girls need the time and opportunity to practice their social skills, use their imagination and exercise their bodies.” Horse camp provides all these opportunities! Come Ride.

Come Play. Come Stay. The hiking trails around base camp will take guests down to the natural spring where if you are brave you can dip your feet in the cold water. The girls learn new skills through the Wildhorse Ranch leadership through practical horsemanship program. We believe practice makes progress and it’s the miles in a saddle that make a great, connected rider. Practise makes progress. This a techno free camp so the girls unplug from technology and focus on real life!

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Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters are 45 minutes west of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We are close to the town of Rocky Mountain House.

Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters is located in Central Alberta two hours North West of the Calgary International Airport or two hours South West of the Edmonton International Airport.

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Ages 12+

  • August 23 – 28

  • Drop-off on Sunday
    @ 4:00 pm
  • Pick up on Friday
    @ 3:00 pm

$1150.00 / person (includes GST)

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