Sacred Spirit Horse Fire Ceremony

Wellness, Wisdom, and Rejuvenation

A unique retreat celebrating YOU! The body heals with play. The mind heals with laughter. And the Spirit heals with joy. Take time to reset your life. Experience Heart to Heart Activities: feel rejuvenated and be enlightened by The Power of the Herd! Practice Energy Alchemy which can lead to Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wellness.

“Get away from it all …. This magical place including the beautiful horses and incredible hosts made this an oasis we will never forget. From the stunning walks through forests, meditation with horses to Diane’s incredible knowledge of how horses can help us to see ourselves more clearly – we came away so relaxed and refreshed. Anyone needing space, compassion and a mental break will find that and much more at this stunning Alberta ranch.”  ~ Kate

The Horse Experiences

We invite you on a unique journey with your own personal “horse guide” Participate in on-the ground horse-based activities (no previous horse experience required) Experience the wisdom of our Zen like herd as they encourage you to gain confidence, learn new communication and connections skills and gain courage. Horses have no judgement; they react only to the energy that you are projecting.

Being part of this gathering of women and horses creates an energy like no other. Listening, learning, and speaking from the heart is where the magic happens, and shifts occur


  • Shake off the road dust
  • Welcome supper and introductions
  • Campfire, and Relaxing to Regain that Peaceful Easy Feeling!


  • Creating the Soulstice Space, setting the tone for the day
  • Practice Mindfulness – an ongoing thread throughout the weekend
  • Experience Wildhorse Wisdom© horses can teach us about finding our power
  • Shamanic Walk in the herd, let the energy of the horses lift your spirit, soothe your soul. Pick your horse partner for the Energy Alchemy
  • Energy Alchemy – Practicing hands-on techniques of healing between you, the horses and nature which increases feelings of calm, peace, and inter-connectedness
  • Spirt Horse Fire Circle, a snippet of my new program
  • Feast of the Five Senses: a supper to put a smile on your face!
  • Enjoy conversations, campfire and admire the ‘fairydust’ of the night sky
  • All levels of experience welcome. Just bring your spirit of adventure!

NOTE* the day will evolve in no set order, we love being flexible to how Energy Medicine works its Magic!


  • Wildland Wisdom© – Wagon ride and then short Hike to Thunder Lake
  • Water and nature help people find a sense of calm and clarity. Soak up the Power of the land and the Plant medicine that surrounds you.
  • Lunch and Farewell.


Extras to Enjoy in Free Time

  • Listen to the Stillness – Feel the Peace – Absorb the Serenity = Cellular renewal
  • Absorb Vitamin N – the Nature vitamin that refreshes your soul
  • Experience the JOY of no responsibilities
  • Enjoy a hot cup of coffee – totally uninterrupted! = Bliss!
  • Read your favorite book or do nothing J
  • Relaxing to Regain that Peaceful Easy Feeling!
  • Meet my 40 exotic Happy Homestead Hens, that make us laugh! You can join me to gather eggs (optional) Did you know that chickens purr at bedtime?
  • Smile, Laugh, Be Silly and Have Fun!

Booking– a wonderful investment in your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness!

  • All inclusive: meals, accommodations + facilitation
  • Payment by: Visa/Mastercard (we have a 4% convenience fee for using the plastic) or pay by e-money transfer
  • Please see our Policy Page on the website for more information on cancellations

Delicious Food

  • Ranch fresh, tasty free-range eggs, gathered from my lovely hens
  • Locally grown Longhorn lean beef
  • “Triple chocolate” dessert topped with ice cream – Decadent!
  • Includes: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 suppers, 1 snack break


  • Single Occupancy in a Pine Cabin or stay with a friend(s) The cabins are Classic Glamping, situated in our Old West Fort – an enclosed, gated community.
  • There are two clean outhouses down the pathways in the Fort.
  • The Sunroom in the Fort is a peaceful place to read, relax or play cards.
  • Lots of private space available for R & R.
  • Bring your own sleeping bag and pillow, lantern & flashlight, packing list to follow


Wildhorse Ranch Retreat Center is tucked away on 480 acres of secluded, sacred land in Central Alberta, near Rocky Mountain House.

  • Google Maps – search Wildhorse Ranch, see direction sheet


Contact: Diane@ 1-403-729-2910 Text: 1-403-990-5576

Wildhorse Ranch

Box 7 Site 9 R.R. #3, Rocky Mountain House, AB Canada T4T 2A3

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Ages: Adult, 20+


April 1 – 3, 2022
Sept. 30 – Oct. 2. 2022

$600 + GST

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