Team Building

Some people are born to be leaders others have it thrust upon them
We are “Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

We draw from our years and years of leadership experience, willing to share what we have learned. All events are ranch based, The Equine Evolution to Excellence is our signature program where horses help facilitate the activities. Listed below are some Core Activities:

  1. You Are Who You Ride With
  2. Talk Less Say More
  3. You Gotta Know When to Hold ‘Em
  4. Code of the West
  5. Everyone Needs To Be A Leader

Horses are masters at reading body language, intent, and emotion so they give complete, immediate and honest feedback. In the Equine Evolution to Excellence program the participants learn new skills and ways to communicate. Horses instinctively look for strong leaders, if you are not providing leadership they will walk away from you. We provide you with the experiences that will create strong leaders on your team which equals more success in your business.

There is no App for LEADERSHIP!

All events incorporate the 5 C’s that form the basis of a smooth running operation geared toward success! At Wildhorse Ranch we believe that learning should be FUN, perhaps emotional at times but the end result must be positive for all. We can custom tailor a program to suit your time frame and budget. Bear and Diane have both worked in many worlds: corporate, small business and entrepreneurs so they understand the challenges facing business today.

– Leadership – Communication – Cooperation –

Phone us at 1-403-729-2910, text us at 1-403-990-5576 or email us at for more information or to book our Team Building services now.

List of Some of our Previous Clients

  • Alberta Justice
  • Alberta Social Services
  • Addictions Canada
  • Alberta Federation of Labour
  • Alpine Club of Alberta
  • Alpine Club of Canada
  • Aurum Lodge
  • Nordegg Lodge
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Center for Outdoor Education
  • Cheechako Cabins
  • Cold Lake Middle School
  • Edmonton Native Healing Center
  • EMS workers from all over Alberta
  • First Nation Groups: Montana
  • Samson
  • Louis Bull
  • Ermineskin
  • Sunchild
  • Saddlelake
  • Bighorn
  • Alexander
  • Alexis
  • Jr. Forest Wardens
  • Pigeon Lake Regional School
  • Prosolido Inc.
  • RCMP
  • Red Deer Youth and Volunteer Center
  • Regina Native Youth Center
  • Scout Groups
  • Shamrock Resources
  • True North Tours
  • Violet Ray
  • Wally Randall Photography
  • Wetaskiwin Security
  • Various Teacher Groups

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Phone us at 1-403-729-2910, text us at 1-403-990-5576 or email us at for more information or to book our Team Building services now.

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Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters are 45 minutes west of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We are close to the town of Rocky Mountain House.

Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters is located in Central Alberta two hours North West of the Calgary International Airport or two hours South West of the Edmonton International Airport.