Girls Summer Camps


Girls Summer Horse Riding Camps

Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters is proud to invite you to attend our “Girls Overnight Summer Horse Riding Camp” near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Our girls horse riding camps and programs are educational, experiential and so much fun! We offer six different week long horse riding camps to choose from during the 2018 summer.

Please click here to view the dates and more details for our 2018 girls summer horse camps. Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters is located in Central Alberta two hours North West of the Calgary Airport or two hours South West of the Edmonton International Airport. Please see our contact us page to see a map of our location and to ask any questions you might have.

Why Choose Wildhorse Camp?

  • We love our horses! We have been raising horses for over 35 years and we are extremely proud of our tame, safe and happy horses!
  • We are horse camp specialists! We have been running Wildhorse Ranch for over 15 years! Our horses are extremely well trained and we have a stellar safety record thanks to that training!
  • Ride, Live and Learn with our amazing horses! Our Girls Summer Horse Riding Camps are an event you won’t ever forget!
  • Wildhorse Ranch is Horse Intensive! You’ll be spending most of your time on one of our amazing horses! Horses are the focus at Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters!
  • Girls gain courage, confidence and life skills through horsemanship at our summer riding camps!
  • Our programs stress communication, cooperation, compromise and connection work with the horses, ourselves and each other! Our riding camps are more than just recreation – we encourage the girls to build relationships with both their fellow campers as well as their horses!
  • Our horse riding camps teach “Natural Horsemanship” – learning “softness and feel” of the horse!
  • Our camps include riding lessons, trail rides in our many forests, games on horseback, ground work, and much more! All of the activities are low key – we will never pressure the girls or the horses!
  • Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters Girls Summer Horse Riding Camps are suitable for new or experienced riders! We believe that horsemanship is a life long learning event!
  • With guidance from staff, campers pick their own horse and own him for the entire duration of the camp! Girls will be able to create a bond with their own horse over the course of the summer camp!
  • We are proud to offer small group sizes and we match girls with similar levels of experience so that they can ride together! Lifelong friendships aren’t required but they certainly are encouraged!
  • Our camps provide excellent meals and accommodations in beautifully rustic cabins! Making life long friendships and spending time with other girls is part of the camp’s fun!
  • A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color – we provide horses with kind eyes, big hearts and a passion for life! Some of our horses have had bad experiences with previous owners but in our herd they have found a place to belong where they are loved and cared for. Our horses live with us year round so we have a deep understanding of their character traits. Thus, we have a stellar safety record. We have just retired two of our “older horses” at the wonderful age of 30! Like us, when horses have a purpose in life and are well cared for they live happy and full lives! We are extremely proud of how we treat our horses and of our rescue program and our campers get to share in that experience and pride with us!
  • Camp girls and staff come from across Canada, US, Europe and Asia! We are a multi-national camp with the bond of horses to draw us together!
  • Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters is extremely proud to offer an excellent 3-to-1 staff to camper ratio at our Girls Summer Horse Riding Camps! Our staff will have plenty of one-on-one time with the girls to ensure they build courage, confidence and life long skills!
  • Part of our program is to rescue and re-train horses to fit our camp programs, thus when you send a child to camp you are also helping improve the lives of some amazing horses!
  • We also teach general horse knowledge like how much it costs to own a horse, horse care, types of feed, hoof care, choosing a vet, managing herd health and much more… we want our summer camps to setup girls for a lifelong love affair with horses!
book-now-buttonGirls Horse Riding Camp Restrictions: Ages 11 and Up
Girls Horse Riding Camp Schedule: Drop-off on Monday at 10:00 am. Pick up on Friday at 3:00 pm.
Our girls horse riding camps and programs are educational, experiential and we believe that learning is not a spectator sport! Lots of Hands on Horse time and Fun! This means that the girls will get about 5 hours with the horses everyday! We don’t pad our camps with filler activities – the horses are our focus!
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