How much experience do I need to attend camp?

We welcome beginners ages 11 – 17. Most of the girls come from Alberta but we also get girls from across Canada, US, UK, Germany, France, Hong Kong and China. We take up to 24 girls/camp, there are 4 groups, they are divided up according to riding ability (6 girls per group).

How much time do I get to spend with the horses?

Wildhorse Ranch & Outfitters Programs are horse intensive and have about five hours a day of horse time including catching, grooming, groundwork, saddling, riding ( lesson, trail riding, games on horseback and more), untacking, and playing with your “own” horse for the week. Sometimes we go for horse walks in the evening.

Our staff ratio is very safety oriented; 1 staff per 3 girls.

Can I bring my own horse?

No we have a closed herd so we don’t allow you to bring your horse. We have a large herd of well trained horses of many different breeds and sizes to choose from. If possible we like you to pick your own horse from our herd, we give you a group to choose from according to your horse skills.

Where do we stay? Can I bring a friend?

You stay in Rustic Cabins, 3 or 4 people/cabin and yes you can stay with your friend(s). About 75% of the girls do not bring a friend and it does not take long to make friends as you have a LOVE of horses in common. We let you pick your own cabin mates and we consider this camp a “growth experience” so there are only the camp girls in each cabin. The evening counsellors stay in a cabin close by and they are on call to handle any problems that might occur. Showers occur once during the week, usually Wednesday night.

Can I come to more than one camp?

Yes, we welcome you to stay for as many weeks as you would like, the more time spent with horses the better your horsemanship becomes!

Do we have chores?

Absolutely, we have a list of daily chores that you will do as a cabin group. There are horse chores, dining hall chores and evening chores.

Evening Activities

Activities may include: campfires, campfire songs, a variety of games, a wagon ride to Thunder Lake, quiet time for reading or conversation with friends, a hike, games, crafts, movie night etc.