Land Based Learning

The Magic & Mystery of Living  – Taught by the Land

Every race on earth originated from the same source. Our Mother Earth. We all came from the land. Our journey has taken all of us far from our roots and beginnings. Now is the time to remember who we are and where we came from. Now is the time to come home to the land. One Earth, One People.

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What is the Magic and Mystery of Being on the Land?

It is far more about feeling and experiences – you must learn it by living it. Come touch the earth, take your shoes off, dig and eat carrots fresh from the garden, pick eggs and cuddle the chickens, Re-Wild yourself! Mother Nature beats big pharma every day. The best way to live longer, healthier lives is to return to Nature whenever you can.

  • Love the Simple Pleasures: marshmallows roasted over the campfire, Story telling, hikes in the Enchanted Forest, Relaxing with a good book…
  • Land and horse-based sessions encouraging Emotional Well-being
  • Learn frontier survival skills, train to use axes, knives, saws, cut firewood, build cooking fires, put up tents, lean-to’s, shelters, tarps etc…
  • Re-connect to a community of like minded people who love the Land
  • Land Based Retreats for men, women, youth, schools etc.

I highly recommend Bear and Diane’s Wildhorse Ranch experience. Nowhere else will you find a better connection to Mother Earth and all she can provide by way of traditional Land Based Learning and Soulful and Honest exploration of Self in an environment of horses, nature and enduring kindness and caring.

~ Bryan Richardson, principal


We have spent most of our lives living in harmony with the land along with our herd of fifty horses and assorted dogs and cats. Wildhorse Ranch consists of over 400 hundred acres of mostly untouched land upon which we live and learn. All the way from the ranch and bunk house to Fort Phantom’s cabins, wall tents, lean-to’s, cowboy tipis and racked out under a million stars.

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