PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder   OSI – Operational Stress Injury

Everyday Stress

Working with a variety of clients from all sectors of life: Military veterans, Fire, EMS, RCMP, Corporate and Everyday People who are struggling to cope in this “emotionally unavailable world”. Diane Baker - P1230682PTSD and Stress can be overcome, come learn how. Nature and horses complement all our programs, no riding necessary. Email NOW

Bear had a long career of working in police, fire, security and EMS. He facilitated all the critical incident debriefings for his crews. In his last placement in Hobbema, AB as the fire chief, field operations manager for the security department and coordinator of the EMS teams: he saw more accidents, disfigurement and death than most people will ever see. Bear did not just read about it in a book he has been there and overcame!

“As we walked and talked with the horses I asked one of our PTSD clients what he was thinking. He paused and finally said, ” I wasn’t thinking about anything I was just feeling.” “What were you feeling” I asked. “I was feeling good he said with a big smile”.  Sometimes just feeling good is good enough.  ~ Bear

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Cowboy UP and Carry On is a program Bear has developed to work with the issues around PTSD. We are looking for people who are willing to put effort into making their life better. The first step to recovery is the desire to do so. Our purpose is to provide the tools needed to improvise, adapt and overcome. Are you ready to get back in the game?? If the answer is Yes, please call and set up an appointment, Private and Group Bookings available.
If you have a whole crew who would like to have a private booking, weekdays or weekend contact us.

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