Mother-Daughter Horse Riding and FUN Weekend

Join us at Wildhorse Ranch for a making memories, Mother-Daughter horse riding and fun weekend in Central, Alberta.

Live, Laugh, Play, Ride and spend quality time enjoying one of the strongest connections of all: that of a mother and daughter, horse and rider. Enhance your connection to each other and to the horses. Spend time outside and soak up the great energy of nature and horses. Includes: Heart to Heart Horsemanship Program ~ 5 hours of horse time, create a welcoming willow wreath, excellent meals, accommodations in rustic cabins, and more… (gm’s, aunties and friends, are also welcome to attend)

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Restrictions: Ages 12+
Cost: $600.00/ 2 people + GST
Date: September 21 – 23, 2018

W.O.W. Weekend

Immerse yourself in the energy of a big horse herd. Let their power carry your own power to a new height. Hands on Experience: Energy Alchemy, Painted Ponies, Walk and Talk with the Wildhorse Herd, Meditation Time, Wagon Ride and awesome locally grown, hand picked foods. No riding required. Trail Ride available for extra cost.

Cowgirl UP and come for one heck of a good time!
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Ladies Love Life Getaway

A weekend just for YOU! Spend time relaxin’ to regain your peaceful easy feeling. No responsibility. No Schedule. No Pressure. Just BE! We have a variety of experiences that you can take part in over the weekend!

  • an eagle feather sharing circle
  • a Horse experience on the ground and in the saddle – horses are unique and intuitive
  • a gentle guided walk in our magical forest
  • create a woven willow wreath using fresh materials from our forests
  • night walk, barefoot walk and a horse walk 😊

Breathe Relax Touch Listen Wander Heal

Includes: experiences listed above, home cooked meals – many of the foods are sourced locally, shared accommodations in pine cabins – private cabin available at an extra cost, campfires, great conversations, making new memories and having FUN! (there is no power or running water or wifi in Fort Phantom where the cabins are)

Come alone or bring a group of girlfriends. Private bookings available.

Adult Trail Riding in the Rocky Mountains

Enjoy A Taste of the West – Wildhorse Ranch offers 5 laid back days of easy trail riding in the Alberta Rocky Mountains.Adults Only. The Best of the West, where life is still Wild and Real! Ride our well-trained mountain horses and enjoy views and vistas that will make your heart sing. Watch for the Wild horses that travel through the area. Lots of photo opportunities. Come for the experience of a life time. Enjoy delicious cowboy food. Kick back and relax around the campfire – be entertained by Bear’s stories of his travels in the wilderness: he has seen a Sasquatch! Conversations, laughter and more…

All inclusive trip, just bring your sleeping bag, pillow and clothes.


Reiki and Triple E

Wildhorse Ranch is pleased to offer a unique opportunity: The ancient hands on healing known as Reiki combined with the sacred energy of the horse. Receive your Level 1 Reiki attunement and take part in our “join forces with the horse’s ceremony” for a join up evolution!  Triple E is the Equine Evolution to Excellence™, horses and humans evolving together! Learn more about animal communication and healing with Reiki for you and your animals. No riding required.

The “Horse Reiki” will transfer to all types of animals
Diane has been a Reiki Master for 30 years and has incredible knowledge to share with you!


Adult State of Preparedness Course

Chance favors the prepared mind: A prepared mind leaves nothing to chance. Did you ever play hide and go seek when you were a kid? Do you remember the seeker calling out ready or not here I come? I have seen and experienced many things, whether I was ready or not never entered into the equation. Had I not been ready I would not be here. Are you ready? Frontier University is hosting a State of preparedness Basic Course. Activities will include: fire starting, safe use of axes, knives and saws, trapping, shelters, tracking and other things that go along with this but cannot be mentioned here…Includes meals, accommodations, instruction and more at Wildhorse Mountain Ranch. Horse riding available Bear is a master instructor for survival skills, come listen to the campfire stories and enjoy a great weekend!

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We are located close to Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada, 2 hours from Calgary or Edmonton, 45 minutes west of Red Deer