Equine Evolution to Excellence

Personal Growth, Leadership, Horses, Emotional Empowerment, Energy Alchemy and Life Coaching

Equine Evolution to Excellence

The Equine Evolution to Excellence or Triple E is for personal growth, experiencing leadership with horses, achieving emotional empowerment and learning about energy alchemy. It has taken years of horse immersion to develop this course. The Equine Evolution to Excellence is custom designed for those who are seriously seeking ways for humans and horses to evolve together.

Triple E is a month long, life changing opportunity to “find YOU”, through our horse culture. Triple E is specifically created for those who are searchers and seekers, whose passion is helping and healing people and horses while building a better world for all.

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Change Your Personal or Business Life

The Equine Evolution to Excellence is an opportunity to take part in a life changing Experience on a personal or business level.

The Equine Evolution to Excellence is an Experiential Skill Development Program using horses to help people take back their power! We give you tools to move forward in your life. Expect to be shaken up, woken up and renewed!

Equine Evolution to Excellence intensive is all inclusive:

  • Signature Equine Evolution to Excellence Program™
  • Alignment
  • Power Tools Program™
  • Soul Safari™
  • Reiki and Energy Alchemy
  • Sharing the Power of the Wildhorse Herd
  • Universal Sweat Lodge Experiences
  • Wilderness Journey – physically and mentally
  • Inspired Actions
  • Creative, Mind Stimulating Activities
  • Create a New You
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Meditations
  • Awesome meals
  • Accommodations

Based at Wildhorse Mountain Ranch, near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada.

Let’s Chat! Call Diane now @ 1-403-729-2910 for more details or email her using our Contact Page.

Equine Evolution to Excellence is Our Signature Experience

Bear and Diane are on a never ending quest to bring people and horses to a higher level of learning and achievement. The natural behavior and characteristics of horses increase people’s self-awareness and ultimately leads to changes in behavior. We believe that humans and horses share a natural connection and when allowed freedom the horses respond to people’s attitudes. The horses will approach if they sense people are excited to see them and passionate about what they are discussing but will retreat if they sense disinterest and bored. Great metaphors and instant feedback to a participant about their life. This interaction requires that a person evaluate their own behavior and learn the key principle that “in changing myself I can improve my life”.

Tell me, I will forget.
Show me, and I may remember
Involve me, and I will understand

~ Confucius

Why Horses?

Conversations with Emotion…

Come look into one’s eyes and let him tell you. Put your hands on him. You won’t understand until you walk with the herd… We have studied and worked with horses for 35 years and know that they are highly intelligent, emotional beings who have a lot of knowledge to share with us. When we work with horses we feel a FREEDOM because they can lift our spirits and give us hope. Magic can happen while working with horses because they have no judgement and they call it as they see it, no agenda just pure information. We have seen many life changing Ah Ha moments that have come from Heart to Heart communication with horses.

There are plenty of talented people who never make a choice to do something different, to reinvent themselves and pursue their dreams. It’s hard to work up the guts to try something new but for change to occur you must take action!

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$20,000.00 + GST for the Full Month Equine Evolution to Excellence or
$10,000.00 + GST for the Two Week Taste of Equine Evolution to Excellence

Let’s Chat! Call Diane now @ 1-403-729-2910 for more details or email her using our Contact Page.