Adult State of Preparedness Course

Chance favors the prepared mind: A prepared mind leaves nothing to chance. Did you ever play hide and go seek when you were a kid? Do you remember the seeker calling out ready or not here I come? I have seen and experienced many things, whether I was ready or not never entered into the equation. Had I not been ready I would not be here. Are you ready?

Frontier University is hosting a State of preparedness Basic Course. Activities will include: fire starting, safe use of axes, knives and saws, building emergency shelters, what’s in your emergency pack and more… Learn new skills and have FUN!

Includes meals, accommodations, instruction and more at Wildhorse Mountain Ranch. Horse riding available Bear is a master instructor for survival skills, come listen to the campfire stories and enjoy a great weekend!

Let’s Chat! Call Diane now @ 1-403-729-2910 for more details or email her using our Contact Page for more information or to book for the Adult State of Preparedness Course!