Equine Assisted

EQUINE ASSISTED LEARNING – Learning Leadership Via Horses

Certified EAL Building Block Programs™: A Skills Development Program where horses help humans develop leadership, overcome fear, gain confidence and learn a whole new way of

communicating! We use horses to help adults and children take back their POWER! When we work with horses we feel a FREEDOM because they can lift our spirits and give us hope that life can be different. This is an experiential and hands on, an effective way to learn! Horses have no judgement, their world is totally energy based and they respond to the energy of the people they are with. The “mirroring” that occurs is astonishing and powerful giving people an opportunity to see themselves in a different light = freedom to grow and change.
No riding or previous horse experience is required. We provide excellent facilitators and horses that are seasoned veterans and they enjoy working with people!
This is an excellent program for: Team Building, Leadership Skills Development, Finding Your Voice, Conflict Resolution, School Groups and anyone looking for a better way to find a lasting solution with measurable results.

Equine Assisted Learning – Certified Facilitators

Teambuilding, Leadership Sessions – custom designed for an afternoon, a full day or a 2-day program.

School Programs usually run 8 – 12 weeks, one hour/week. Approved by the Calgary Board of Education, forerunners in adapting to the needs of children.

First Nation: Adult or children programs. Excellent for staff retreats.  Research Paper: The Helping Horse: How Equine Assisted Learning Contributes to the Wellbeing of First Nations Youth in Treatment for Volatile Substance Misuse © University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, White Buffalo Youth Inhalant Treatment Centre, Cartier Equine Learning Centre. Please email Diane if you would like a copy of this 78-page document.

Foster Care, Social Services: custom designed to suit your needs.

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Why Horses?

The horse is a master at reading body language, intent, and emotion. EAL is so powerful because of the honest and immediate feedback of the horse. Horses are pure energy and they do not lie, their reactions are upfront and un-biased = excellent feedback for the participants. If you are not fully present when you are working with horses, they will walk away from you because you are like a ghost and they see no reason to stay with you. Bring up your power and your attention and a horse will respect you as a leader and do what you ask. They are always looking for strong leadership.

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Phone: 1-403-729-2910
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