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Meet Our Team

carol louis

Carol Louis

Carol Louis, our daughter, is an Ojibwe Artist, accomplished horse woman, certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, retired EMS and corporate health and safety professional.

Carol is focused on the creative process. Her art is rich in symbolism, bold and dramatic, tells a story, startles, and touches hearts, and makes an impact on soul searchers living bravely-wildly free authentic lives.  Carol, our daughter, is a member of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation. 

Meet the Team - Lee Robinson

Lee Robinson

Lee Robinson our son, goes all the way back to the beginning with us. He grew up sharing the trials and trails that make up the Wildhorse Sage – the land, horses, roping, riding and the western life.

Whenever Lee is off work, he can be found helping to guide the Ride the Alberta Rockies Adventure Trip to the top of Wildhorse Ridge, and in keeping the Wildhorse Ranch dream alive and growing!

mikayla robinson

Mikayla Robinson

Mikayla Robinson our granddaughter, shares the same love of horses and nature. Mik spends most of her school holidays helping us with camps as a Trail Riding Guide and Jr. Counsellor.

Always friendly and welcoming, Mikayla  is a strong role model for young girls and a living legacy of all that Wildhorse Ranch stands for.

Team Wildhorse Spring and Summer Staff

Team Wildhorse spring and summer staff is made up of the best of the best from around the world. 

Consisting of mostly international girls, often in their university gap year, looking to make a difference in the world. 

Thus, the guests that come to our programs get a “sample of the world” right here at Wildhorse.