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Meet Diane & Bear

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Diane Baker

Diane Baker:  I have never stopped working to make this a better world for all living things. “To this cause I have dedicated my life”. I am a born and raised Albertan whose family has been ranching in Alberta since the early 1900s. I grew up with one hand in the dirt and one hand on a horse. I am a gifted horsewoman, and the horses are my spirit guides as I am theirs.

My ability to communicate, connect and understand animals borders on the supernatural. The ravens follow me talking excitedly all the while, to see what I have for them. The horses come to me when I call, when they are not feeling well, or something is wrong. They trust and rely on me to guard them.

An avid wilderness traveler Diane has found nature and horses to be teachers of immense sacred wisdom. Diane is following her instincts and has established many types of gardens that are edible and enjoyable. Join her for some amazing opportunities to sample “home grown goodness”.

In 2019 my oldest daughter Sandra died tragically leaving behind many grief-stricken family members. As we move forward in our lives, we are creating Sandra’s Sanctuary: a place of Peace and safety for people, animals, and nature. A place to Remember, A place to Connect, A place to find Comfort. A place to walk through Grief and Loss. When trauma remains in the body it creates disease and at Wildhorse Ranch we have created opportunities and ceremonies to “Let Go and Move Forward”.  Relax, Release, Renewal. A way to honor that precious life that is gone but never forgotten.

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bear baker

Bear Baker

Bear Baker: is a member of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation.

I have spent well over a half century as a trapper, hunter, guide, outfitter, and Indian cowboy. I spent many years in the service industry as a policeman and fireman and I am no stranger to the world of PTSD that haunts many of these professionals. I am a storyteller and philosopher of life, I looks forward to passing on what I has learned from the Past, to guide people through the present and into a bold new future!  My Indigenous teachings are about Coming Back to Life. To learn it you must Live it and experience values of purpose, resiliency, respect, community, and compassion.

Our Mission is to help build better lives for people and horses!