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Meet the Wildhorse Herd

Meet the Horses of Wild Horse Ranch

Our horses have come home to us from many different places. They all have a story to tell if you care enough to listen.

You must touch them, see them, and listen to them, to experience the emotions of their life – it will often resonate with yours!

Did you know that horses have best friends and are very sociable, sentient beings? They love to play games of tag, tug a war with sticks and buckets, they laugh at a good joke played on a friend, their language is “energy and body language” and is very expressive. Horses react and then go back to grazing; they do not hold onto “stuff”. Within the herd, horses can attain “heart coherence” where their energy fields are in total synchronization (check the research at The Heart Math Institute) Horses can raise our energy fields just by standing close to them. Come learn Life Lessons from the Herd and be inspired by what you see and feel!

Over the years we have noticed that there are a lot of “throw-away horses”. They have been discarded for a variety of reasons: no longer pretty enough, not good enough, not fast enough, not trained enough, too sore, too old and the list goes on. We have become a voice for the horse who has none in this disposable world. We have bought many good horses who were discarded or destined for the “meat truck of death”. We have taken them home and loved them back to life. Like anyone recovering from a bad experience horses need lots of tender loving care, good nutrition – extra feed, plenty of rest, compassion, and no pressure. Between us and the healing power of the herd we have rehabilitated lots of horses. We know that given a chance for life horses will give their heart to you.

We have bought trained horses from all over Western Canada and the US, sometimes we have gone to buy one horse and bought three horses instead because we just could not leave the others behind – what we have seen should not be legal to do to horses. So yes, we are advocates for horses because they have No Voice and No Choice.

Our main riding herd is expensive horses that have been purchased through private sales across Western Canada – we always look for a soft eye, a kind heart, and a good foundation of training. Every horse is part of our family, some have been with us for 30 years and are living out their retirement in grassy fields with their long-time friends.

PS: We are always grateful for any donations of good quality horse feed and or cash to go towards horse maintenance (aging horses require a lot of extra help, especially for keeping up body weight, dental and chiropractic.) We have made a commitment to our herd that they will never be sold, they will retire and stay with us until the end.

"One Earth, One People."